Announcing: Maestro Maintenance!

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As a homeowner, there are so many repairs that need to be made to ensure your home is always in tip-top shape, especially as we enter grilling season!

Finding the right company for the job can be overwhelming. You know the story. You do the research. You get on the phone with the vendor. You wait in the 6-hour window only for them not to show up. Then you’re stuck with the bill and *maybe* a subpar result.

That’s why Sweet Ham Alabama is excited to introduce you to our favorite maintenance and repair service provider: Maestro Maintenance! They’ve taken all the waiting and confusion and frustration out of any home maintenance and repair need. With just a text you can send them your work orders and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a Maestro who can make it happen. Simply text “Maestro” to 70402 to submit your first request! And they spare no detail! Timing, costs, and estimated duration of services will all be provided so that you can make an educated decision about which provider will best meet your needs.

A MAJOR bonus is their new Maestro at Home subscription service. For only $4.99 per month (Sweet Ham fans get a 50% discount, see promo code below) you can kick off your Maestro plan with a comprehensive, semi-annual 27 point home inspection! From there Maestro will put all your home maintenance needs on a schedule. So no more worrying and wondering when those filters need to be replaced, or when your gutters need to be cleaned out, Maestro will handle it for you, on time and within a budget that suits your needs. And did we mention priority scheduling? With the Maestro at Home subscription you will be bumped to the top of the line. Perfect for those unforeseen emergency issues!

So hit this link and subscribe to Maestro today! Use promo code MAESTROLOVESHAM at checkout and lock in your comprehensive maintenance subscription for only $4.99 per month!SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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