Goat Yoga!! For real!?!

Well, we made a fun announcement a few weeks ago and now is time for the first installment of getting to know your community. Did you know that Goat Yoga exists in our town!?! Well if not here is your chance to check out one of the cool things around town that makes Helena SWEET! Here’s a little more info about this hidden Gem in Helena:

We’ve all heard the health benefits of yoga.  Increased muscle strength and tone…increased flexibility…increased energy…weight loss…stress management and many more! 

Why, you may ask, would you do yoga with a GOAT? 

Goats are very calm animals by nature. They are peaceful, present and gentle with people~especially when people are focused and still. Our goats are curious and friendly because they are around people a lot.  Many love to climb and jump onto raised surfaces and it is quite common for one of our “kids” to hop up on a back or two or ten during our yoga sessions. 

We also love when they come and curl up next to a mat to take a rest. We believe that integrating our passion for yoga practice with these calm, loving animals creates a mutual benefit which allows us to find stillness, presence, power, and intention rooted in our breath with these creatures. Additionally we believe the goats find excitement, curiosity, and new energy to feed off of in their free range homestead environment.

Let’s be honest, there is nothing cuter than a baby goat jumping around! 

Our babies love to be held and cuddled and it is truly therapeutic to breathe in 

the fresh air and say hello to nature again! Find power in your presence, stillness in nature, and awareness of your breath and body through a new and therapeutic experience!

The first 20 people to respond to this post are invited to attend a session with us on November 9, 2019 @ 10:00AM. We hope to see you there!!! https://www.goatyogabham.com