Happy National Cheese Lover’s Day!

Happy National Cheese Lover’s Day !

It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day!

It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! For us, EVERY DAY is filled with cheese lovin’, but for this extra special occasion we’ve pulled a list of our favorite Cheese Dip places around B’ham to celebrate! 

  1. La Paz– everybody who’s a TRUE cheese dip lover in BHAM knows La Paz has the tastiest cheese dip around. The deets— they have an original or fresh spinach queso made with chilies, tomatoes and seasonings. Add Beef or Chorizo $1
  2. El Barrio– innovative and sophisticated, El Barrio surely knows how to put a twist on our favorite dip, and we can’t get enough. The secret— tequila, goat cheese, chipotle, add roasted peppers & chorizo for $2
  3. Sol Y Luna– Kristen’s pick, because you can’t go wrong with a blend of queso with chorizo. PLUS they have some amazing sweet potato and plantain chips.
  4. Little Donkey– Whether you’re in Homewood or down 280, you can count on Little Donkey to deliver some of the tastiest cheese dip served with fresh Masienda heirloom corn chips
  5. Tostadas– In the mood for some Mexican with a twist? Their street corn cheese dip is a MUST TRY, a blend of creamy queso with delicious street corn.
  6. Chuys– Maddie’s pick, because this one packs a little heat, with a blend of melted cheese, Green Chile & Ranchero Sauces

We hope that you get to enjoy your favorite Cheese Dip Today! If you have some favorites that we missed, let us know! We love a good reason to try queso!

And DON”T FORGET to Come See us CURBSIDE in February for our FUN Valentine’s Day Event!

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