Sense of Community

Fall is officially here, per the calendar, but NOT the temperature and as we enter a new season it’s made me reflect some over the summer and a great experience I had. It all started with a simple workout challenge. Usually I’ll go in gung-ho for like a week, but then it fizzles. However, this year something different happened. I committed to do the #ignitebhmsummer challenge at Ignite Cycle at the Pepper Place. Luckily one of my friends introduced me to some other girls who were committed to do the same. For the next 3 months we rallied together to convince each other to keep going in the challenge, even when we didn’t want to because we had to get our 50 squares! The grand prize was a trip to Mexico and we decided that one of us must win this…(and they did!!) Over this time period we developed a great friendship all over that 1 common goal. It was such a great experience and even months after the challenge is over we have a new bond that will last a lifetime. Shortly after the challenge was completed, I was asked by my very first real estate broker to teach a class to our RealtySouth mastermind class. It really helped me reflect on what my “Why” is. One of the things that I chose to teach about was how important your community can be. I believe that your home goes beyond just the walls you live behind. You fall in love with a home also because of the location and the sense of community in your chosen area. One of my favorite things about helping people find their homes, is not only helping them achieve the “American Dream”, but also to share with them the exciting places near their home that they can enjoy to get their own sense of community. With that being said, I’ve decided to do something to give back to my sphere. Randomly we will be hosting fun Community Pop-Ups to help YOU learn about fun places around town, that could lead into your way to have a bigger sense of community. Stay tuned for the announcement of our first community Pop-Up! I can’t wait to see you all around town at some of the great places that really make BHAM so SWEET!